This is the story of The amazing beautiful humanitarian, I’ve been following her extremely rewarding journey on Insta to help & support humanity ♥️♥️ Love her work & I’ve always wanted to do that.

My name is Seema, I am a youth worker, humanitarian and photographer.

The best advice I have been given is to follow your dreams and don’t let anyone hold you back. People don’t like change, it makes them uncomfortable. When you change it means others have to too. People will put you down because they don’t believe in you or so that they can keep you in a position that they can benefit from. When you do become successful, people usually come back around. Things that pass you by are not fate but missed opportunities you chose not to take.

I would tell my 16 year old self that what is meant for you will never miss you, so don’t worry about running out of time for things such as marriage or kids. Love and accept yourself, don’t just say it really believe and mean it. Regret is painful. Don’t hold grudges or be angry for too long, show and tell those around you that you love them especially your parents, you can lose them at any moment. Most importantly, don’t let failure eat you up.

Don’t let failiure eat you up, it is really success turned inside out.

We are half the nation and we gave birth to the other half. Being a Wife and a Mother are really important, in this day and age people frown if that is all you do, it’s a big job! However I also believe we should have a passion or a purpose other than that, so we don’t lose ourselves and our personalities especially if things don’t work out.


In order to grow and move forward, I reflect upon my day and myself on a daily basis. I write rough lists of things I wish to do and achieve which include both career goals and bucket lists of things I would like to experience and review them. I am always networking and volunteering at every opportunity I get.


I have been kidnapped by soldiers whilst on an aid mission. ONE thing on my bucket list is that I would like to climb Mount Everest Base Camp.


I find inspiration from activists, people I meet on my aid missions, anyone who has been through a tough time and made it through to the other end esp people who then went on and helped others or became a success. Books, autobiographies of revolutionaries.

What I am most passionate about is making sure I’m constantly learning and growing. That I am able to smash past all my physical, emotional and mental limitations. I am also very passionate about making sure that every person feels loved, important, worthy, supported and empowered to recognise and fulfil their potential and purpose. Lastly, justice and equality.


What I love most about myself is my empathy towards people, standing up for people and what I think is right. My resilience to pick myself and carry on.


I love to travel because I get to meet people from all walks of life, cultures amd faiths which gives me a deeper understanding of myself and the world. It’s also a way of connecting different worlds and building unity. I also like travelling so that I can learn about islamic history and learn about all the great and inspiring people that lived before us. I hope by seeing all the beauty in the world it will help me understand and bring me closer to the creator.


What motivates me is my faith, Islam and the commandment that faith mandates action. For me, the most important part of that is truth, equality and justice.

Sister Seema is on Instagram, follow her story here:@almussafirah_algharibah



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