5 immediate things to do when you’re feeling really low…

  1. Change your environment – if you’re in bed, do everything you can to walk to another room. If you’re at home, go outside. If you’re outside, go somewhere else. Wherever you’re currently feeling low. Move from that place. A change in environment sends a message to your brain that you’re about to do something different.
  2. Cry out to Allah – it’s time to be vulnerable with your Lord. Tell Him you’re struggling. Tell Him you’re feeling low. Tell Him you can’t seem to work out how to step out of this dark place. And as you pour your heart out to Him, do so knowing He is looking at you and listening to you in such a lovingly attentive manner.
  3. Put on your akhirah glasses – whatever it is that is making you feel sad and low, look at it through the akhirah lens. Picture yourself in your grave. Picture yourself on the Day of Judgement. Picture yourself in Jannah. Now look at what is distressing you from the perspective that you’re journeying to Allah and His Paradise.
  4. Breathe – take a deep breath in. Exhale slowly and as you do so, feel yourself breathe out your pain, frustration, confusion.
  5. Use the key of good deeds – pray, give sadaqa, do some dhikr, read Quran, give salaam, smile at someone. And then speak to Al Fattah – The One who opens doors. Ask Him to accept your good deed and move forward in your life believing with certainty that He will open a way for you.

Aliyah Umm Raiyaan



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