Dear 2023,

The one thing I am going to do with you is this – I am going to take a jar and write down notes whenever I do something nice, do something worthy, achieve a mini milestone, comfort someone, make someone feel special and loved.

Nice read!

Sometimes we don’t have big wins in an year or even 5 years. But our years are always filled with little mini tiny wins that we tend to forget.

Sometimes these wins are invisible to others and for most of us when we don’t get that external validation we start to doubt ourselves and our worth.

Forgetting the truth that internal validation and happiness is all we need.

Because believe me when I say, a happy life is made of small things that bring us happiness daily than these once in 2 or 3 or even 10 year big milestones.

And when you start finding happiness, validation and contentment in small consistent acts of wins and goodness in your life your happiness, your contentment, your outlook on life and ultimately your faith in Allah will increase exponentially.

A worthy life is made of daily small pockets of happiness.

A child’s laughter.
A spouse’s warm embrace and kiss.
A parent’s smiling face.
A coffee and a book you are enjoying.
A meet up with cousins laughing over corny jokes.
A compliment from your boss.
A conversation that changes the way you think.
A gift you can give someone you love.
A walk in the park.
A daily croissant you enjoy when everyone’s asleep.
A Sibling who looks upto you.
A podcast tune in while you drive your car to work.

🤲 May Allah grant us daily happiness no matter how small and give us the ability to recognise and enjoy it. Ameen.



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