December 26, 2022

How to be aware of Allah in a constant state

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Ihsan is when you are in a constant state of awareness of Allah’s all-encompassing love for you.

God sees us even though we do not see him.

His love and mercy are not dependent on our vision of him.

All I am learning to do is beautify God, worshipping and respecting nature as much as possible.
Always self-aware just doing my best in messed up crazy world, where anyone can have an episode trying to hold things in or together.

I am grateful for life’s experiences so far, Raising a family for years and Looking after Them to now able to look after myself more within that I have most of the time, am Quiet but if someone says something, or makes me ponder on it. I will look at the right way not someone’s perceived or Their belief or non-belief point of view.

I am a believer, I see creation as a reflection of the creator.
So when we see things in this world then there are signs but Many look outward rather than inwardly.

To look at the dimensions of time and space at what matters, Most of All God, have God’s love, you can share that love and embrace all states of consciousness in awareness.

Whatever I have faced or could face, I know trusting in God from moment to moment.
In remembrance Love peace joy and harmony

Notice some have a presence about them because we have been broken, we have seen broken and we have in good times and would we not be where we are if we not trusted in God. So lean on him and not our own understanding sometimes, and See what God shows us and What is open in life to explore and know.

God is the mender of Hearts in any pain and struggles if you got love and peace you can with his guidance overcome anything, I just learned over the years to rely on him more.
The very creator who takes my soul at night, and if blessed I get another chance for another day.
Grateful and witnessing life miracles every day!



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