“Hurt…a painful thing it may seem,
A well known feeling, and fear for most,
But through every hurtful pain,
Maybe my sins become smaller, and Jannah has become nearer.

So hurt me if you may,
For it loves me,
And has become a close companion of mine,
As it doesn’t stay too far away from me.

Some people have been hurt through broken hearts,
Or through constant abuse and insults,
Some have been through heart aching grief,
When losing a loved one, or being separated from them,
And some have been hurt through lies and cheats,
While others have faced cruel deaths,
From gunshots and nuclear bombs.

So hurt me if you may,
For it has become familiar to me,
But there will always be another hurt more.

Hurt…it may be a curse,
Or just a lesson to be learned,
Either way, it has become inevitable.
So appreciate the moments
When you are feeling content and secure,
For who knows what future test Allah has in store.

So hurt me if you may,
Because it will always make me stronger,
And allows me to strive my way through,
But maybe weaken you.

I’m thankful for the hurt I have felt,
For the pain of a bleeding heart, and a once lost soul,
And for the swollen eyes that my tears have fallen from,
Because hurting me
Has only taken me closer to my Lord,
Who I will always love through every happiness and grief,
And through my smiles, as well as the deceits.

So hurt me if you may,
What have I to lose?
A dented heart?
Or maybe a fractured bone?
Even so, I will always have my Lord,
So, it’s up to you to chose…”



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