December 25, 2022

Let’s male duas and stay hopeful

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Please read this dua sincerely and ask Allah to grant us success in answeing this dua.

Assalamu Alykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu 🙂 🌷🌷

May Allah grant us all complete peace with His eternal protection, love , pleasure, obedience , and blessings,
May we all have good endings ,
May we all see Him in Jannatul firdaws without accountability.
May we become an ongoing charity for our parents and our offspring till qayamah becomes for us .
May Allah grant us goodness in both worlds so we can worship Him with peace ,
May Allah enable us to live our lives according to the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah ,
May Allah make us among His favourites , choose us for His worship and service of Deen , may Allah grant us easiness in both worlds , may Allah make us firm on Tawheed, and we meet Him in the state of highest level of Imaan ,
May Allah remove our worries and turn them into happiness and we become more grateful to Him and more focused toward Akhirah preparation,
May Allah forgive us and all ,
May Allah grant make us salih and grant us all company of saliheen ,
May Allah make our spouses and offspring coolness of our hearts and eyes and we worship day and night together ,
May Allah grant us all healthy imaan , healthy body and healthy mind to worship Him ,
May Allah guide us all ,
May Allah protect our parents and grant them Jannatul firdaws,
May Allah protect us all from the hardships of life, may Allah save us from punishment of grave and hell fire,
May Allah fill our hearts with His love only and no one else, and we live our lives only for Him ,
we make every effort to please Him only.



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